Course Policies

Course Policies

Adding or Dropping Courses

Deadlines for adding, dropping or withdrawing from a course vary according to the duration of the course. Students enrolled in Summer Session may add or drop courses on the VandalWeb registration system.  Enrollment change deadlines are available on the Summer Registration Calendar, located under Dates & Deadlines. Questions should be referred to  the Registrar’s Office at (208) 885-6731 or

Please Note: Students will not receive a bill for classes that are added after their initial registration. Fees are due when credits are added.

Auditing Classes

Auditing a course consists of attendance without participation or credit. Only lecture classes may be audited. Audited courses are not recorded on a student’s permanent record, except as provided in the General Catalog Regulation C-1. Students auditing a class will pay the regular course fees noted in this catalog. An Add/Drop Form must be signed by the instructor to audit a course.

Credit Load

The maximum credit load allowed for summer session is 18 credits for undergraduates and 16 credits for graduates. However, because of the short duration of most summer course offerings, students should exercise caution in deciding on their summer credit load. All students are urged to consult with their academic advisers prior to registering. Registration for more than the stated limits is permitted only on approval of a petition to the Academic Petitions Committee. Petitions are available in the deans’ offices. Registration for courses with conflicting or overlapping meeting times is prohibited. Students are prohibited from registering for two 1-credit workshops in the same week.