Submitting Grades

In accordance with the Faculty Staff Handbook, instructors must report final grades for a course within 72 hours of the end of the course. The instructor must use the method of grading reported to the students at the beginning of the session or as reported in the Class Schedule.

It is important to submit grades by the deadlines established as part of the summer teaching commitment. Idaho teachers rely on the timely submission of grades to secure pay raises in August. Many continuing students need to know their grades before making final decisions for fall enrollment and class selection, and summer students can’t be certified to graduate without getting their grades.

Major Professors please note: Specifying a grade on a thesis/dissertation defense form to replace IP grades does not eliminate the need to report grades for courses the student has taken the semester in which the defense is completed.

Web Grading

All faculty use the VandalWeb for reporting grades. Support in using Web grading is available by calling the Registrar’s Office: 885-2029 or 885-6237.