Cancel Course due to Underenrollment

Cancel Course due to Underenrollment

It is possible that canceling courses will impact subsequent enrollments, student schedules and financial aid awards, so consider canceling underenrolled courses only as a last resort. In the event that revenues generated by course enrollments do not meet instructional expenses, the following steps should be followed:

  • To initiate a course cancellation, use the automated COWS system as you would for spring/fall semesters. In the Internal Comments field, indicate if you have notified the students or when you plan to notify the students. Contact the Summer Session Office via e-mail at or phone 885-6237 if you have any questions.
  • The department/college must notify the students in the affected course. Unit administrators/advisers are encouraged to recommend alternative courses.
  • TheĀ Registrar’s Office will remove canceled courses from the Web schedule and drop enrolled students from the course.
  • The department/college cancels or adjusts the EPAF if one was submitted for the instructor of the affected course.