Billing, Payments & Refunds

Billing, Payments & Refunds


As with spring and fall semesters, students who enroll for any summer session course are sent a bill. Please advise students of this procedure but remind them that if they can’t pay by the date indicated on the bill, they should contact Student Accounts and make arrangements to pay at a later date. No student who contacts Student Accounts will be penalized for paying at a later date than is indicated on the billing statement.

All students will be asked to make full payment or payment arrangements by the payment date established for the first session in which they have enrolled.

Purging Students for Non-Payment

No student will be automatically purged for failure to pay. Instead, students will need to drop the course on, or prior to, the first day of class; withdraw from the university on, or prior to, the first day of the session; or otherwise provide the Summer Session Office with written notification of their intent to drop or withdraw on, or prior to, the first day of class for the session in which they’re enrolled. Otherwise, they will be billed, and possibly graded, for the course(s) in which they are enrolled.

The Summer Session Office will contact instructors at the beginning of each session and ask them to report students who fail to attend a course.

Taking Money

The only time a faculty member or course instructor should take money from a student is if it is accompanied by a registration form and the student is registering for the course on-site. At no point should a faculty member solicit money from students as a method of assessing interest in a particular course. This practice is too easily construed as a conflict of interest on the part of the faculty member. The University preregistration system exists to help the faculty member and department gauge student interest and enrollment in a scheduled course, negating any need to request money directly from students.