Refund Schedule

Refund Schedule

Please remember that refunds are limited and fall within a very condensed time frame. Plan accordingly so you aren’t surprised.

2016 Refund Deadlines Last Day for
100% Refund
Last Day for
50% Refund
Session I Classes start May 15 5/16 5/17
Session I Alternate 6-Week Term Classes start May 22 5/23 5/24
Session II Classes start June 12 6/13 6/14
Session III 6-Week Term Classes start June 26 6/27 6/28
Session III 4-Week Term Classes start July 10 7/11 7/12

For short courses and workshops beginning on dates not listed above, students may drop without penalty on the first day the class is held. A 50% refund applies for students who drop on the second day of class. No refunds will be processed after the third day of class. Please refer questions to Student Accounts at (208) 885-7447 or

Refund Schedule for Law

Refund dates for law classes will be determined when the schedule is finalized. Please contact the Dean’s Office at the College of Law if you have any questions.