Other Fees

Other Fees

New Student Application Fee

New degree-seeking students applying at the University of Idaho pay a nonrefundable application fee. These fees are outlined by student type at Admissions.  Official transcripts from all previous institutions are required.

Late Payment Fee

Payments received after the deadline dates for each session are charged a $75 late fee.

Petition Fees

A $10 fee is charged for each petition submitted to the Academic Petitions Committee or Graduate Council.

Transcript Fee

Upon written request, copies of transcripts will be supplied to any person who has established an academic record with the University of Idaho. For more information, please refer to Office of the Registrar — Transcripts.

Diploma Fees

Fees and deadlines for all degree applications can be found at Office of the Registrar — Graduation.

Special Lab and Course Fees

Special fees are charged for certain courses. Examples include the College of Education, which charges special fees for physical education classes. Special fees are paid at the same time as all other course fees. For more information, call Student Accounts/Cashiers at (208) 885-7447.

In-Service Fees

In-service teacher education fees are special fees that apply only to courses approved as teacher education. A student who takes a course at the in-service teacher education rate must be an Idaho public schoolteacher or other professional employee of an Idaho school district. The appropriate academic units at the University of Idaho must approve a course that is offered at the in-service teacher education rate, and the credit awarded is for professional development only (it cannot be applied toward a degree program). To see if a particular course is being offered at the in-service teacher education rate, contact the offering department.